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Most of our activities should be of the same interest to step parents as to parents.
We hope you enjoy them as you interact with your step children.

There is, we feel, one major area that is not the same.
The area of Discipline.

My education about discipline came from a terrible three year old.
He earned about 20 time outs a day until I asked him
which he liked better justice or mercy.
He said "What is mercy?"
I said "Mercy is where you promise not to do it again and I don't give you a time out".
He said I will have Mercy please.
From that moment on he never had another time out.
Every time I gave him the choice he took responsibility for correcting is own behavior
He taught himself "self control"

Giving children this choice can help avoid power struggles
AND help children understand you really are on their side.
In the words of Josh McDowell:
"Rules without relationship lead to rebellion."

In my own words: When you think children are testing your authority,
They are really testing your love.
It is important to give them a choice: Mercy or Justice.

It is our prayer that step parents everywhere
Visit our Rebonding Page
and work on building a relationship with your NEW children.

The Christian Child Care Coalition
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Topeka, Ks. 66618

All artwork and commentary copyright by Charles White. Feel free to make up to 100 copies for use by your local church as long as they are not altered or offered for sale. All other rights reserved.

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Statistics taken from "The Costly Consequences of Divorce"
Published by the National Institute of Health Research,
Compiled by Dr.'s David and Susan Larsen.