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Twenty percent of divorced fathers have not seen any of their children
in the past five years.

Another 23% see their children less than once a year.
This could be because nearly half of all men really are pigs but
most likely they are just running from the pain.
Print this page if you know someone who wants to stop
BOTH the running and the pain.


Before moving to the rebonding pages we hope you will
join us in praying that as many men as possible will
receive a copy of the resource pages featured on the lower part of this page.
These pages are free, printable and simple to email.
How we pray they will spread.

The years of life lost to the children of divorce is the same as repeating
the Oklahoma City Bombing 1,500 times a day every day of the year.
Printing or forward these pages is one way to help.

Statistics taken from "The Costly Consequences of Divorce"
Published by the National Institute of Health Research,
Compiled by Dr.'s David and Susan Larsen.

Emergency First Aid
Divorce recovery doesn't happen overnight, not for anyone. Sometimes it never happens. There are however some first aid measures which can spare your children some of the worst distress and suffering even if the divorce was messy.

Keeping your Goals Fresh
Divorce causes a lot of loss for everyone involved. Loss of dreams, loss of money, loss or friends, loss of faith etc. One of the losses is usually our goals for our children. It is one of the most important and one of the easiest to reclaim.

A Heaven Father
Earthly Fathers (and Mothers) cannot meet all a chld's needs...sometimes very few of them. Giving children a parent they can count on begins with "The Lord's Prayer". FATHERS have a special role in teaching their children to pray. We hope you begin by visiting
Helping Children (and ourselves) with anger.
Even after the divorce is over the anger lives on...often in the hearts of the children. This page can help turn anger into a bond that brings you closer together instead of a bomb that is constantly ticking. May we also invite parents to visit

Pocket Scriptures
Whether you are an adult or a child having a bible verse in your pocket can take the edge loneliness etc. and help you trust again.

These pages are free. The one payment we do ask is that you forward each page you download to someone you think might use it.

The Christian Child Care Coalition
P.o. Box 8094
Topeka, Ks. 66618

All artwork and commentary copyright by Charles White. Feel free to make up to 100 copies for use by your local church as long as they are not altered or offered for sale. All other rights reserved.

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